Qualifying ADESA Clear Inventory

PSIs are available on ADESA Clear, but only for inventory located at ADESA locations. Inventory at Carvana locations is not PSI-eligible at this time.

How does it work?

  1. ELIGIBLE VEHICLES: Vehicles located at ADESA, inventory located at Carvana does not qualify.
  2. To request a PSI, simply select the appropriate box on the BID or AUTOBID page.
  3. If vehicle purchase is confirmed, please remit payment. Don’t wait for the PSI to be completed.
  4. The processing ADESA auction is responsible for the entire PSI process and will contact you with the result once the PSI is completed. If you have any questions during this process, please do not hesitate to contact the auction directly.
  5. Vehicles will not be released for transport until the next business day after the PSI has been signed off.

Choose from 7-day or 14-day post-sale inspection

ADESA Clear is bringing you more inventory with greater confidence. We provide you with the convenient option of selecting a post-sale inspection on units purchased from ADESA auction locations nationwide.

Why purchase a post-sale inspection?

  • Greater confidence in your purchase transaction
  • Fewer surprises on delivery
  • Opportunity to double-check key vehicle options and features

What's included in your post-sale inspection?

There are two PSIs available: a 7-day (providing a 7-day arbitration window) and a 14-day (providing a 14-day arbitration window). The PSIs will be completed by the ADESA processing auction, where they will perform a full visual inspection of the unit, as well as a test drive (where possible).

Post-Sale Inspection Pricing