What is arbitration?

When you buy a vehicle at auction with undisclosed issues, you may be eligible for arbitration. Arbitration is the referral of a buyer-seller dispute to an impartial person for final and binding determination.

ADESA offers an arbitration service to assist buyers and sellers in resolving disputes respecting vehicles purchased at our auctions, in-lane and online. The process, which follows NAAA Arbitration Policy guidelines, is designed to be informal, quick, practical and economical.

During the arbitration process, ADESA serves as a neutral intermediary and will work directly with the buyer and seller on a resolution. If the intermediary decides whether the complaint is valid, the unsuccessful party is responsible for all costs of the arbitration, which can include, but is not limited to, cancellation of the sale, a full or partial refund of the purchase price and repair of the defect at the seller’s expense and associated arbitration fees.

How to file for arbitration

If you think you’re eligible for arbitration or have questions about the process, contact your local auction.

To read more about ADESA’s arbitration policy, click on its terms and conditions.