When you buy with ADESA you always have multiple ways to pay for your purchases. One way to see what payment methods are currently available on your account is to review the payment drop down menu that displays on the bid/buy page when you complete a transaction.


Lines of credit provided by financing companies are called Floorplans. ADESA works with over 30 floorplan companies and accepts a variety of plans to offer you more choices and convenience. Many floorplans accept additional products and services such as ADESA Assurance, inspections and transport to be covered. You can usually pay for your vehicle and all additional services in a single transaction and expect immediate vehicle release.

Ask your ADESA rep for the Floorplan partnership request form or find it on ADESA.com on the forms & policies page.

Fastlane ACH

The simplest and most cost-effective payment method is Fastlane ACH (automated clearing house). This option is accepted on many types of vehicles and will also cover additional products and services such as ADESA Assurance and transportation. Using this method to pay is one of the quickest ways to complete a transaction and receive the vehicle release – usually within an hour which in many cases means same-day vehicle pickup.

Ask your ADESA rep for the ACH agreement form or find it on ADESA.com on the forms & policies page.

Bank wire transfer

Wire payments are a common way to pay, but have associated fees ranging from $60-90 per transaction. Wire payment method does not offer an immediate vehicle release like ACH; on average it takes 24-48 hours to receive your release once ADESA.com has received funds from your bank.

Dealer check

Paying with a paper check is a basic way to transact, but it is often the slowest and most unsecure method. It may take 4-5 business days from the time a check is written out, mailed and processed before a vehicle can be released, unlike floorplans or Fastlane ACH, where vehicles can be released nearly immediately.

For more details on any of these options or to set up a new way to pay call the ADESA Mesa office at 480-556-6701.