What is the VDP?

The Vehicle Details Page (VDP) offers a comprehensive online view of DealerBlock, Simulcast and Run List vehicles. Vehicle information for accredited vendors is displayed in a redesigned format, enabling you to conduct thorough assessments of auction vehicles.

Benefits of the VDP page

Vehicle details pages on ADESA.com provide you with key information necessary to make informed buying decisions.

  • Auction details/photos: The top of every Vehicle Details page lists the vehicle and auction details, the vehicle grade, ADESA Market Guide valuations and announcements. Vehicle photos average more than 20 images, including glamour shots and damages. Each image can be clicked to enlarge.
  • Vehicle information and equipment: Scroll down through the Vehicle Details Page and you’ll find listings for original vehicle data, additional vehicle information and equipment.
  • Inspection summary, damages and tire condition: ADESA provides inspection-related information to increase your confidence when buying. ADESA inspections are conducted by highly-trained condition report writers who detail the condition of the vehicles to NAAA standards.
  • AutoBids: You’ll also have access to set AutoBids from the Vehicle Details Page. With AutoBids, you have the convenience of placing a bid at your predetermined comfort level. Set the maximum dollar amount you want to pay for a vehicle and let the software incrementally bid for you, as needed, to win the sale. Look for the AutoBid button on the Run List or Vehicle Details page of a vehicle.
ADESA Vehicle Details Page (VDP)

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