What is Watch List?

Watch List is an interactive wishlist that enables you to add vehicles of interest from all ADESA auction channels: DealerBlock, ADESA Simulcast and Run List.

As vehicles are added to the Watch List, dealers can exercise bid/purchase options, monitor/join Simulcast events, and access the Vehicle Details Page (VDP) all directly from the Watch List page.

Benefits of using Watch List

There are several benefits to adding vehicles to Watch List.

  • Added vehicles are automatically synced between ADESA Marketplace mobile app and desktop – so, no matter where you add a vehicle, it will be always be accessible in your list from both.
  • Modernized in-line editing allows dealers to seamlessly add, edit and save notes directly to a Watch List vehicle listing.
  • No refreshing the Watch List page is needed. Sale start, sale end and vehicle sold event timers on DealerBlock and Simulcast will update instantaneously on the page.
  • Your organization name will appear in the bidder history, so you can be reminded of your past bidding activity on a vehicle.
  • Watch List is responsive in design, so it adjusts according to the device and screen size.
ADESA Watch List

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