Step 1:  Register the dealership in AuctionACCESS
To update your account with additional dealerships, you first need to be registered with that dealership in AuctionACCESS. If you are not currently an active representative under the dealership, the dealership’s owner/officer can add you via a quick and easy digital process on the AuctionACCESS Mobile app.  
Alternatively, the dealership’s owner/officer can fill out the “Dealership Authorization of an Individual” form and send to  Please note, submitting the form outside of the AuctionACCESS Mobile app may take 1 – 2 business days to process. 
Step 2: Confirm the dealership on
Once you have been added as a user under the dealership in AuctionACCESS, simply go to and click the register button. Confirm your credentials and the system will locate your account and automatically update the new dealership information on from AuctionACCESS.