Selling online

Reach a nationwide audience without leaving your lot. allows users to make inventory available for sale to thousands of dealers nationwide.

How does it work?

  • List Your Vehicle On – Click SELL from the home page
  • Enter a VIN and click CREATE LISTING
  • Enter vehicle details
    • TIP – the more detail you include the better your chances are for attracting bidders and selling your vehicles faster.
  • Select vehicle equipment and options
  • Enter vehicle location
  • Enter vehicle condition
    • Third party inspections are also available.
  • Upload vehicle images
  • Add images to damage line items
  • Enter pricing
    • ADESA Market Guide provides regional and national pricing guidance based on ADESA transactions as well as Black Book values.
  • Preview & Release to Auction.

Follow these tips to protect your reputation as an online seller

  • List units with the correct VIN, options and mileage.
  • Accurately note any damage, including prior damage that’s been repaired.
  • Add pictures of the damaged items, so buyers know what they are getting.
  • Avoid double-sold units. Once a bid meets your reserve, remove the vehicle from your “available for sale” lot and lists.
  • If you have a vehicle with the title absent, make sure the vehicle is listed that way.