Even though ADESA Simulcast looks different from the previous buying platform, LiveBlock, the new tool provides the same key areas of function that buyers rely on to purchase in live sales – and then goes beyond with brand new features.

Side-by-side comparison of ADESA Simulcast and ADESA LiveBlock

Similarities between ADESA Simulcast and LiveBlock

Real-time audio video streams, bidding activity, basic vehicle details and NAAA lights are just a few of ADESA Simulcast’s similarities to Liveblock. All the critical buying information is still available from the buying screen, but there are several new features that ADESA Simulcast offers that was not available in Liveblock.

NEW features that ADESA Simulcast provides:

  • Video and photos of vehicle in the lane can be viewed at the same time
  • Additional vehicle details available within same screen – CR report, window sticker, if available
  • Platform window can be expanded to fit any size monitor, even multiple monitors
  • View an unlimited number of auction lanes
  • AutoBid, Watch List and Notes icons are visible and editable in several locations
  • Interactive chat is now possible – ask your questions directly to the Auctioneer and Block clerk
  • VIN barcode can be scanned with valuation apps such as Autoniq
  • Purchases made in that day’s sales can be found in a centralized list within the platform under reports.
New features available with ADESA Simulcast
ADESA Simulcast - use multiple monitors

Find a sale and try ADESA Simulcast for yourself. Read the ADESA Simulcast buyer guide to learn more about the new platform.