Can I view ADESA Clear inventory in person?

ADESA Clear inventory located at an ADESA facility can be previewed in person

ADESA Clear inventory located at Carvana inspection centers cannot currently be viewed in person

What is the ADESA Clear arbitration policy?

Our focus is to provide an efficient and timely outcome resulting in a fair, evidence based resolution while managing our customers and their assets throughout the claim. You can read our full arbitration policy here

What payment options are available?

  1. Payments can be made online via ACH, wire transfers, or from your floor plan. 
  2. Visit to make payments online.
  3. Checks can be sent to:

ATTN Dealer Payments 

500 E. 96TH ST. BUILDING 4, SUITE 200 A 

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, 46240

How can I see all of the inventory that is available on ADESA Clear?

  1. ADESA Clear has two pages for inventory, “Bid Now” and “Preview”. Inventory in Bid Now is part of the active sale and can be bid on. Inventory in “Preview” will be part of the next active sale and can be watch-listed, but not bid on.
  2. You can switch between both of those pages by clicking on the toggle in the top left corner:

How can I update my title mailing address?

Title handling information will be pulled directly from AuctionACCESS. Please ensure your mailing address is updated in AuctionACCESS, as this is where your title will be sent.

Can I request for titles to be sent to another address?

Title customization is not currently available through ADESAClear. All titles will be mailed directly to the mailing address on file in AuctionACCESS. To update this, please contact AuctionACCESS directly.

How will my titles be delivered to me?

If your mail courier account is associated with AuctionACCESS, ADESA will use your preferred account to send the title out. Otherwise, all titles will be sent using USPS-certified mail. If you would prefer USPS is not used, you can ensure the ADESA Team has your mailing preferences by submitting this form to

Can buyers pick up a Clear title at one of the ADESA Auctions?

No, it will be mailed to the buying dealership’s mailing address on file with AuctionACCESS.

How can I get a title update/request a duplicate title?

More information regarding title updates and duplicate title requests can be found here: ADESA Clear Title Help


Where can I find pick-up hours for inventory at Carvana offsite locations?

ADESA Clear offsite pick up hours can be seen here: ADESA Off-Site Locations

Does ADESA Clear offer transportation? How can I get a quote?

Yes, see our help page on Auction Transportation for more information.

Are post-sale inspections available through Clear?

Yes, PSIs are available on ADESA Clear, but only on inventory at ADESA locations. Inventory at Carvana locations is not PSI-eligible at this time.

Check out the ADESA Clear PSI Policy

If I am subscribed to Assurance, will it automatically apply to my CLEAR purchases?

Yes, if you are subscribed to assurance, it will automatically be applied to any inventory purchased from 

Where can I find my sale documents and gate pass?

You can view the Bill of Sale and Vehicle Release Form by selecting one or more vehicles on and clicking “Access Docs” in the lower right hand corner.

How does bidding work?

  1. In addition to manually placing and monitoring bids, you can set a maximum price, or Proxy Bid. that you are willing to pay for the vehicle. ADESA Clear will bid up to that amount to attempt to win the vehicle on your behalf. It will not automatically bid to your maximum price, and only bid after a competing bid.

How does extended bidding work on ADESA Clear?

  1. If a bid is placed within the last five minutes before a listing closes, then bidding will extend for an additional five minutes after the standard close of bidding.
    • If another bid is placed in that 5 minute extension, another 5 minute extension will be added.
  2. This will continue for up to 60 minutes, or 12 full extensions, at which point bidding will close no matter what. 

How do I watchlist a vehicle on ADESA Clear?

  1. You can click on the watchlist “Star” icon on the search page, or vehicle condition report page, to add a vehicle to your watchlist.
  2. You can also click the “Watchlist” button on the search page, to toggle whether you see all inventory or only the inventory on your watchlist.
  3. Inventory that you watchlist will stay on your watchlist, including if the vehicle is listed in a future sale. 

How do I watchlist a vehicle on ADESA Clear?

  1. You can click on the watchlist “Star” icon on the search page, or vehicle condition report page, to add a vehicle to your watchlist.
  2. You can also click the “Watchlist” button on the search page, to toggle whether you see all inventory or only the inventory on your watchlist.
  3. Inventory that you watchlist will stay on your watchlist, including if the vehicle is listed in a future sale. 

How do I save a search?

  1. After applying your preferred filters and performing a search, click “SAVE SEARCH” and give it a name. Now, you’ll easily be able to find and perform this search again under “My Favorites”

Where is the condition report?

  1. The vehicle details page is the condition report. All information collected during inspection can be found within each vehicle’s details page, below the vehicle photos and video.

What are the buy fees?

The Buy Fee Schedule can be viewed by clicking the “Buy Fees” button, which is found below the “Current Bid” field, on the vehicle details page.

What is CarValue™

In order to pursue our goal at ADESA to ensure that our customers have access to information that will help them buy and sell with us more efficiently, we have completely rebuilt CarValue from the ground up.

CarValue is a wholesale valuation tool that is available at no cost to all ADESA customers. CarValue was made to help research ADESA inventory and identify the fair market price for the vehicles that our customers buy and sell at ADESA auctions. CarValue is designed to predict the expected sale price for a specific VIN, at a specific ADESA auction, within the next 7 days from when the price is calculated.

How are CarValue™ Prices Different From Other Guidebooks?

Unlike other guidebooks, CarValue™ does not calculate a price as a weighted average of recent transactions for the same year/make/model/trim . Instead, CarValue uses Machine Learning to predict the sale price of a specific VIN based on the overall ADESA market. This is possible because CarValue takes all transactions at ADESA auctions into account in its predictions.

The CarValue™ model also takes all of the attributes of the specific VIN into account, including variations beyond the trim level such as packages and options. This allows for more variation in pricing within year/make/model/trims.

Additionally, CarValue™ is the only wholesale pricing model largely based on ADESA transactions, making it the most useful valuation guide for buying and selling with ADESA

How can I see the Base CarValue™ Price?

CarValue™ does not calculate a “base price” for a year/make/model/trim or apply “adjustments” to a “base price” in order to reach the final predicted price for a specific VIN. This is because the “base price” that is provided by other guidebooks is based on an average mileage and Condition Report for a given year/make/model/trim, and CarValue does not calculate average prices.

Instead, CarValue™ predicts a unique VIN-specific price which factors in not only the vehicle’s odometer, Condition Report, and sale location, but also dozens of other data points including vehicle attributes from the VIN, market depreciation, seasonality, and macroeconomic factors.

Why isn’t a CarValue™ price available for some VINs?

While we can provide a CarValue™ value for over 95% of VINs on the ADESA Marketplace, some vehicles are too uncommon or new for CarValue to be able to predict a price. In these cases, we will display nothing to avoid presenting misleading or inaccurate data.

Why did CarValue™ predict this price?

We aren’t able to provide a detailed explanation for CarValue™’s price predictions for a specific vehicle, due to the complexity of the CarValue model and the large number of variables it considers when predicting a price.

In general, the difference between CarValue™ and other guidebook pricing can be based on:

  1. CarValue prices account for predicted depreciation and seasonality, rather than historical averages.
  2. CarValue prices are predicted based on all transactions in the ADESA wholesale market, rather than just transacted vehicles with the same year/make/model/trim as the vehicle being priced.
  3. CarValue prices are VIN-specific.
  4. CarValue prices are predicted based on the specific day when the vehicle is being sold.

Where is CarValue available™?

CarValue™ price predictions are available complimentary to ADESA buyers and sellers on a number of different systems.

Simulcast (Free for ADESA customers)
You can view the CarValue™ from the current vehicle on the block in the autoniq® plugin in CarValue, even if you aren’t subscribed to autoniq®!

ADESA Seller Reports (Free for ADESA customers)
Contact your ADESA Rep to learn more about how you can use CarValue™ to enhance your ADESA sales strategy, including Block Summaries, portfolio evaluations, and flooring recommendations!

CarValue™ is available within the autoniq® platform as a paid subscription.

CarValue™ values can be displayed in AutoIMS in the ‘Guidebook Value’ field.

More ways to access CarValue are on the way!

How Often is CarValue™ Updated?

CarValue™ pricing is updated every week on Sunday.

How can I learn more about CarValue?

To learn more about CarValue, see